Post COVID-19 Treatment

COVID-19 can be active in the body for about 6 months, but may last longer, and patients with a mild case experiencing loss of smell and taste.

Even if there is no effective treatment for a mild disease, it is difficult to recover naturally. For example, Prince Charles has complained that he has no sense of smell or taste since he contracted COVID-19.

Some patients suddenly become dyspnea, fatigue, and difficulty walking after two weeks of mild illness. Chest pain, sputum cannot be coughed up, constipation, etc. because the blood flow in the lungs is extremely poor at this time, viruses, blood stasis and mucus sputum block the alveoli and bronchial tubes, making lung ventilation extremely poor. If left untreated, scarring in the lungs can lead to pulmonary fibrosis after several months.

A. First choice Chinese Medicine – Acupuncture and Herbs

  1. Floating Needle Treatment. (Floating needle has rapid effect, and its curative effect is 10 times greater than that of traditional acupuncture)
  2. Herbal medicine or herbal powder.

Both features: safety, no side effects.

Floating needle features: It can quickly improve and restore blood flow in the lungs, improve heart and lung stasis to eliminate symptoms, and restore heart and lung function. The characteristics of herbal medicine maintain the body’s righteous qi, improve the blood flow in the heart and lungs, clear away heat, remove dampness and reduce phlegm, remove thick sputum in the lungs, and remove residual viruses in the body from the second stool and sweat (dialectical treatment), etc.

B. Western Medicine Treatment:

Western medicine is almost ineffective for the sequelae of the new virus.

  1. Commonly used hormones, such as dexamethasone, can temporarily relieve symptoms, but only for short-term use. Its side effects are that the anti-inflammatory and antiviral effects are short-lived and unreliable, and can cause more serious infections. Long-term use can cause various organ failures and symptoms. Bone necrosis.
  2. Antibiotics are not effective against the new coronavirus and its sequelae.
  3. The vaccine can prevent the new crown, but it is not effective for the sequelae of the new crown.

See our Case Study and also below

Ms LIC, Filipino, aged 49, was diagnosed with coronavirus infection in Mar 2020. Two weeks later, headache, back pain, heart-type chest pain caused by inability to sleep, nasal congestion and dyspnea, dry cough without sputum, no obstruction to smell and taste, vision loss, dry eyes, lumbar and leg pain, left knee pain, frequent urination. She visited my clinic on 28/08/2020.After the treatment by FSN Fu’s needling, she said that her breath was as easy as suddenly taking off a heavy elephant.